Are you a startup? Is your budget near zero?

Tell people your MVP story.

Engage people to collaborate. Let them tell you what you need to do.

Supervise your networks.

Change the world.

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How does this work?

Before you begin: setup your network code lists.
When you begin: copy paste published links.
From time to time: open app and manage control events.
At the end: check statistic and make conclusion.
Your conclusion must focus on the question: "What they say me to do?".
That means that you understand what to do.
That means you will sell.
And that is all you need to do - as a startup.

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We don't need your personal data.
Your username is encrypted hologram name.
Your passoword is your encrypted password.
In this way is imposible to make connection between your hologram in the cloud
and you as a real person. You just need to know your hologram name and
your password to connect to your cloud hologram.
If you lose these things, you lose your hologram.
After few days of your inactivity your hologram will be deleted
with no recovery options.